9 Mar 2012

Independent Objector And Legal Rights Objections For ICANN’s New GTLDs

As you may be aware that ICANN’s new generic top-level domains (GTLDs) registration is in Progress. Once the application period is over, individuals, companies and even ICANN would analyse the applications for possible violation of intellectual property rights (IPRs) like trademark, trade name, etc. Further, brand owners would also closely scrutinise the filled applications for possible brand and goodwill violations.

ICANN has already started the process in this regard. ICANN has proposed to appoint “independent objectors” who would scrutinise the applied GTLDs for possible violations of IPRs and other rights. An independent objector would be responsible for determining if a new GTLD being applied for is in the best interest of the Internet community. If he/she/it reaches a negative conclusion, he/she/it will file formal objections against a new GTLD application.

Similarly, the IPRs owners, brand owners, etc can also escalate their disputes with a dispute resolution authority if they think that the applied GTLD violates their IPRs or brands or other rights. Such legal rights objections under ICANN's new GTLD domain registration program can be raised by such IPRs owners, brand owners, etc.

The legal rights objection assistance for new GTLDs by Perry4Law as well as an independent objector’s assistance of Perry4Law is available to all stakeholders, GTLDs applicants and opposers, IPRs owners, brand owners, etc. As on now we are not officially affiliated to or attached with ICANN or any other dispute resolution organisation in this regard. We would provide the independent objector services and legal rights objection services independently and on our own without any assistance from ICANN or other institution.

Our purpose is to prepare individuals, organisation, IPRs owners, brand owners, etc in a techno legal manner so that they are well versed with their rights and obligations under the new GTLDs registration process.

Perry4Law, its partners and associates and techno legal segments like Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) are neither related nor affiliated with any of the GTLD applicants. We represent absolute impartiality and our decisions are guided by pure legal considerations without any personal preferences and bias.

If you are interested in our independent objector’s services or legal rights objection services, kindly contact us in this regard. Further, if you wish to proceed with your application in a well planned and successful manner, we can provide you with our techno legal expertise in this regard.

Finally, if you wish to resolve your differences and disputes, if any, through our alternative dispute resolution (ADR) platform or online dispute resolution (ODR) platform, we welcome you to do so.

Perry4Law and PTLB wish all the best to all GTLDs stakeholders.